How to Extract a Dead Animal Safely from Your Temecula Wall

The ultimate solution to remove the scent of the Temecula dead animal in the void of your wall is to extract the body and dispose it properly. In case you don’t know how to cut the walls, there are some ways on how you can contain the smell in order to minimize the adverse effect. For a small animal, it will usually take around 2 weeks before the irritating odor will dissipate. However, for the large animals such as raccoon, the process may take for a month.

Step-By-Step Guide on Removing Dead Animal in the Wall

Removal of the dead California animal in the obscure areas will definitely be more challenging compared to eliminating the carcass in an open area. You will need to follow this systematic guide to ensure that the source will be eliminated that will make your house comfortable and safe.

Locating the Source

You will need to be certain that the nauseating odor is coming on your Temecula walls and not in the area that can easily be eliminated. Start by checking your rafter and attic. If possible, move the insulation to verify that the carcass is in a place that you may easily reach. Look at the basement and other crawl areas. Check under your porch, this may be an excellent location for the carcass especially if you have an elevated foundation. 

Cut the Walls

Once you identify the right location of the dead California animal, simply cut the wall to remove the dead body. In case you find it hard to pinpoint the right location of the carcass, be sure to let the professionals handle this. There is also a chance that the odor will permeate all over the house once you open the wall. Be sure that you are properly equipped with a face mask. Place the dead body inside a plastic bag and then put it in a cardboard box. Seal the cardboard box with a packing tape and dispose it in your local landfill. Avoid creating a hole that is more than necessary to extract the body of the dead animal.

Use a Cleanser

To completely eliminate the scent, you may need to use a deodorizer. You may also inject an enzymatic cleaner on the California wall before you seal it once more. This is an excellent solution that enables you to solve the source of the problem immediately.

Finally, you will have to improve the ventilation in your Temecula house to get rid of the decaying scent. Simply open the window to encourage the circulation of fresh air. You may also use an air-filtration system that you can purchase on your nearby hardware shop. This aims to capture the scent that will make the scent pleasant until such time that the odor will be completely eliminated. If the smell is overpowering make sure to hire the professionals. This may increase your expenses but the output that they can offer will completely satisfy you. They can even help you stay away from similar situation in the future.

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