Best and Safest Humane Ways to Kill Temecula Foxes

The fox are intelligent Temecula creatures that can cause considerable damage to your property. They are also possible carrier of rabies. Once you feel like you are in trouble, it is time to eliminate them. Before choosing a lethal method to deal with the fox, you need to call the local wildlife center to be certain that it is allowed in your state.

Lethal Methods That You Can Use to Kill Foxes

Some of the humane method that you can use in this list can only be used if you can restrain the movement of the California animal. If not, you can end up giving the animal with painful death. You should already have a plan on how to dispatch or dispose the dead body of the creature once you choose the lethal methods.


Shooting the Temecula fox using a firearm with a .22 caliber might be the best solution to end your infestation. You need to aim in the middle of the eye of this creature. In the event that this creature has bitten someone, or in case that you think that the creature is a possible carrier of rabies, it is advisable to shoot the fox in its heart. Some animals can carry rabies without showing any symptoms which is why you need to shoot them in their heart. You should lay the animal with its head face down that will prompt them to bleed. You should also follow the local rules and regulations when using firearms. 

Lethal Injection

Lethal injection can be performed at the vet’s office. The California vet will first sedate the creature that will minimize the possible risk. It will then be injected with muscle relaxant. Finally, it will then be administered with a drug that will stop the beating of its heart. Usually, the vet will also take care of the body. Unfortunately, due to the possible diseases that can be carried by the wild animals, not all local veterinarians will be willing to execute this procedure.

Gas Chamber

Another popular method to end the life of the California fox is through asphyxiation. The local wildlife center will often offer this service. If not, you can create your own gas chamber using simple materials. It is advisable to perform this in an open environment. The oxygen in the body of the fox will be replaced with a heavier gas. When the oxygen is a critical level, the animal will fell asleep and will eventually die.

When killing the poor Temecula creature, we abhor the use of chemicals and poisons. Remember that gassing and poison is considered illegal in most states due to their adverse effect towards our health and environment. Using them can lead to imprisonment. Killing them is also not the best solution. It is highly likely that a new creature will replace them after a few days. You will need to remove the things that are attracting their attention in order to bring an end to your infestation. Check the legalities before performing the methods aforementioned.

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