The Destructive Yet Common Types of Damages That Rats Can Cause to Your California Attic

The Temecula rats can enter our attic through the damages in our roof. They can cross over the branches of the trees and on the utility lines. Even a hole that is about the size of the nickel can provide them with an immediate access to our attic. You will then start to notice some signs of rat infestation such as the small droppings, the stench of their urine and the damages in your attic.

Attic Damages That You Can Incur From Rat Infestation

The damages on out California property that the rat can cause can easily increase. They will tear the insulation materials when building their nest and they can chew our electrical wires which can lead to fire and electrocution. The droppings in their attics can also contaminate our surroundings which will increase the probability of disease transmission. They can also carry parasites that can transfer to our pets.

Temecula Rats Can Weaken the Structure of Our House

The rats have strong teeth that are continuously growing. In order to control its growth, they will have to chew tough materials such as woods. They can gradually chew on the foundation and boards that can compromise the stability of our house. This can lead to costly repairs. In order to thwart the possible damages that they can inflict to your house, you will have to look for ways to get them out of your attic immediately.

Tear the Insulation Materials

The California rats can use an array of materials when building their nest. However, it seems that they love the comfort and warmth that our insulation material provides. Once they start tearing our insulation, the heat in our house can escape which can increase our monthly energy consumption. They can also contaminate our insulation materials with their urine and droppings that should be replaced. They may also tunnel inside our insulation to build their home.

Chew Wires

Exposed wires are one of the most common reasons of fires in the US. If you have a rat in your California attic, they will chew our electrical wires that will expose the live wires. This is a potential fire hazard that can affect your lifetime investment. This can also cause electrocution so be sure to wear head lamps when checking your attic. You might accidentally touch an exposed live wire that can threaten your life. If you notice flickering lights or if your new appliance suddenly stopped, you might have to check the attic to find the culprit.

Aside from the Temecula property damages, you should also be concerned about the zoonotic diseases that they carry. Once you notice the first sign of infestation, you need to call the help of the rat control specialist at once to stay away from the possible damages that they can cause. Rats have an incredible ability to multiply and it will not be long before you experience a full-blown rat infestation. This can greatly magnify the damages that your attic may sustain.

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